Interview Questions

1►  What is the difference between profit center accounting and Profitability analysis? 2 ►  How do you configure manual bank statement? 3 ...

1► What is the difference between profit center accounting and Profitability analysis?
2 ► How do you configure manual bank statement?
3 ► How is bank reconciliation handled in SAP?
4 ► What is SAP APO?
5 ► What is the difference between updated project and end to end project. Explain?
6 ► What are the manufacturing cost of a producting?
7 ► What is dunning?
8 ► How do you configure electronic bank statement?
9 ► What are the support tickets given in SAP fico module? please give some examples?
10 ► What is Ranking order in automatic payment program?
11 ► What is Legacy System Migration Workbench? How it can be carried out in SAP SD?
12 ► What is the difference between business area and profit center?
13 ► How to create Tax Calculation Procedure?
14 ► What is difference between business area or cost center?
15 ► How to integrate MM With Fico?
16 ► What is the role of abapers? What is the Work Bench?
17 ► In SAP-HR, What is the landscape of your project?
18 ► What is the work relation between SAP-MM, SD and fi/co modules?
19 ► What is the schema you use in Time Management?
20 ► In real time, How listing and exclusion is used?
21 ► How are the byproducts taken care of in subcontracting?
22 ► How is scrap accounted in subcontracting?
23 ► Tell us about the subcontracting cycle?
24 ► What are the steps involved in consignment cycle?
25 ► What is meant by consignment stock?
26 ► What are the types of inforecords?
27 ► What are the types of special stocks available?
28 ► How does the PO pick up the pricing schema?
29 ► What is meant by access sequence? When it is used?
30 ► What are the fields in purchasing view?
31 ► What is the work you have done in MM module and what programs did you use for creating views in MM?
32 ► Explain what are the steps in the SD process at least up to the invoicing stage?
33 ► What are the activities we will do in SAP MM module implementation?
34 ► How the Price determination process works in SAP-MM?
35 ► What is the one full implementation of life cycle in SAP-BW?
36 ► What is the complete flow of the profit center accounting,and Internal orders in controlling?
37 ► What are the customer activities performed in-final preparation phase?
38 ► How does the system calculate taxes?
39 ► What is the difference between a contract and a scheduling agreement?
40 ► Tell me about the various movement types and usage?
41 ► How do you get the Sales Order (S.O) No. from the Delivery Order?
42 ► What is an Open Item in SAP? How will you find an Open Item in SAP?

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