Foreign currency revaluation Question 1 : Transaction FAGL_FC_VAL (foreign currency revaluation) has a tab "Open items" and a ta...

Foreign currency revaluation

Question 1: Transaction FAGL_FC_VAL (foreign currency revaluation) has a tab
"Open items" and a tab "G/L balances". What is the difference?
Answer: The "Open items" tab is for revaluation of vendors' and customers' line
items, as well as line items on GL accounts managed with open items. Revaluation
of these items always go via a special technical GL account and always reverses.
Reversal is usually done with a posting date which falls into the next posting period.
The "G/L balances" tab is for revaluation of GL accounts without open items
management, for example, bank accounts. As a rule, revaluation posts the same GL
account, although nothing stops you from posting it to a separate GL account. Then,
usually GL balances revaluation is not reversed. The checkbox "Reverse postings"
at the bottom of the "Postings" tab controls reversal of these revaluation postings.

Question 2: I configured revaluation for the transaction KDF, assigning the GL
account to be used for the revaluation purposes. But I still have problems with
account determination in FAGL_FC_VAL (foreign currency revaluation). What have I done wrong?
Answer: When you specify the GL accounts for a KDF transaction, you do it for yourChart of Accounts. Versions with NewGL also require a Valuation Area to be specified there. If you only specified the Chart of Accounts, the system will create records in a configuration table with an empty Valuation Area field. These records will not be found by FAGL_FC_VAL when searching for the GL accounts for automatic revaluation postings. In order to set the Valuation Area, please click the small button with a yellow arrow on the pop-up window with Chart of Accounts request.

Displaying the foreign currency revaluation results

Question 1: Is it possible to display a revaluation amount for each open item when using the New (Flexible) General Ledger?
Answer: Yes, it is possible. Please read SAP Notes 883851, 879690(especially p.2),373268. It is important to run reports RFPOSXEXTEND and BALVBUFDEL after the implementation of SAP Notes.

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