Answering Some of Your Questions on SAP Certification

It is truly great to see so much community discussion around SAP Certification but it also helps us to identify where the information gaps...

It is truly great to see so much community discussion around SAP Certification but it also helps us to identify where the information gaps are. Browsing through the discussions of the last few months we decided to create an FAQ on the program to help answer some of the most common questions. I hope you find it useful.
Frequently Asked Questions about SAP Certification

How has SAP improved the certification program?
SAP has significantly enhanced and expanded the program to keep pace with growing demand for relevant SAP certification. Now, you can obtain certifications at two levels of expertise – associate and professional. We’ve also made it easier to find the certification that’s right for you. You can now search for training opportunities and exams based on the SAP solution, your focus area, or your role in the organization by visiting the Training and Certification Shop.

Do current certificates retain their validity?
The requirement to become recertified is based on the validity of your current certification status, as determined by solution release level. As a rule, SAP considers certifications on the two most recent solution release levels to be current and valid, but this can vary for some solutions. You can find a list of currently valid certifications in the By Role section of the Training and Certification Shop catalog.

Do certifications expire after a period of time? How do I refresh them?
Certification is an essential way to benchmark your professional achievements in a competitive, dynamic market, so it’s important to make sure your certification credentials are up-to-date.

SAP assists in this effort by:
·         Monitoring certification levels within the certification community and notifying professionals of outdated certifications
·         Publishing a list of valid certifications, which are, as a rule, the two most recent solution releases

Do certification programs have prerequisites, such as participation in a series of training courses?
While there is no course or set of courses required to take a particular certification exam, SAP provides a list of recommended training you can take to better prepare for an exam. In addition, completing an exam for a lower-level (associate) certification is not a prerequisite for taking a higher-level (professional) exam, although many professional-level certification seekers might find it helpful.

How do certification exams measure experience and high-level skills?
In addition to knowledge recall, certification exams rely on high-level writing and other advanced assessment methods to validate your understanding of, and ability to apply, knowledge gained. The exams are also clearly job-task aligned to better reflect actual experience.

What changes can individuals who have completed certification in the past expect?
The current strategy focuses on creating added value for you as a certified individual. SAP offers you the opportunity to join the latest certification community, providing access to a wide range of benefits. Fulfilling a desire expressed by existing consultants, the SAP Education organization also outlines clear paths for continuous learning. These include fast-track learning paths to help you advance in your current area of expertise or extend your expertise across new areas. Existing certifications retain their validity.

Is certification available for a variety of role profiles?
  1. Yes. The current certification programs address a range of profiles. These include experienced technology consultants, application consultants, and solution architects in multitier certification tracks, as well as roles involved in all stages of a solution lifecycle.

What should I do if I do not see the certification I am looking for?
If you are in the Training and Certification Shop and can’t find the certification you’re looking for, use theBrowse our catalog feature at the top of the page to search for certification. Or, you can simply display the content of the entire certification catalog by clicking the double-arrow button after the search field.

How can I prepare for my certification exam?
Each certification has its own set of preparation tactics. We refer to them as “Topic Areas,” and you can find them on the Web pages associated with individual exams. The pages also show the number of questions in the exam, the duration of the exam, the areas you will be tested on, the required passing score, and recommended course work and content you can reference. You can also find a selection of sample questions that can help you to better understand the type of questions to expect in the exam.

Please be aware that the professional-level certifications also require several years of practical on-the-job experience and address real-life scenarios. 

Is there any difference between taking a certification exam at an SAP Education organization center and taking one at Pearson VUE?
  1. No. Certification exams are the same no matter where you take them. SAP has partnered with Pearson VUE to provide our customers with the greatest possible number of exam locations. You can take certification exams at SAP Education organization centers as well as at any of the 4,000 Pearson VUE centers worldwide.

How do I register to take an exam at a Pearson VUE test center?
You can visit the Pearson VUE Web site to register for exams. The step-by-step registration process includes selection of location, exam type, date, and payment method. You can also use the SAP Partner Testing Centers link on the Certification options page of the Training and Certification Shop to look for testing options available through Pearson VUE, or you can contact your local SAP Education organization.

What methods of payment does Pearson VUE accept?
Whether registering through the call center or online, you must use a credit card, voucher, or promo code to pay for the exam.

Do I need to enter my SAP user ID when registering for a certification exam?
  1. Yes. To ensure that your certification results count and are tracked, you must enter your SAP user ID in the appropriate registration field. If you do not have a user ID, please contact your local SAP Education organization to obtain one.

How can I obtain my actual certificate?
After you successfully pass your certification exam, your certificate is sent to the address you entered during registration. You can expect to get the certificate about six weeks after your exam.

How can I obtain my certification logo?
You can contact your local SAP Education organization to have it sent to you.

Please note: Use of the SAP certification logo is strictly limited to those individuals who have successfully passed the associated level of certification. Unauthorized use of an SAP certification logo is strictly forbidden.

We will be updating again in the future so we welcome any feedback on areas you think we should cover in the next version - thanks!

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